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Beef Bone Soup with Beef (Hanwoo Gomtang)

[곰탕우리다] 한우곰탕

by Gomtang Woorida


💬  Description

Gomtang, Korea's beef bone soup refers to a soup in Korean cuisine made with various beef parts such as ribs, oxtail, brisket, ox trot by slow simmering on a low flame for hours. The broth tends to have a milky color with a rich taste. Because of its long hours of brewing, the soup is famous for its high protein, calcium and nutrients.


👀  About the Product

Gomtang is a dish made with love. We make the broth from good ox bones, we clean them, and simmer on low heat for hours end. It requires precision in temperature and constant watch over to make the perfect broth. 'Gomtang Woorida' is made by boiling ox trot for 30 hours each day and fat is removed 10 times to make a healthy broth. Ox trot was considered a very nutritous ingredient for broth that it was served to kings. We serve health and love with this dish. 


🥣  Main Ingredients

Korean ox trot, Korean assorted ox bones


🌶️  Not Spicy ☆☆☆

⌛  Best within 12 months

🚚  Delivered within 3 days

❄️  Keep in a freezer

🍽  Portion for 2

⚖️  600g (100g meat) 

⏱  Takes 5 mins to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Thaw frozen broth in cold water for 20 minutes.

2. Boil the contents in a pot (about 3~5 minutes until boiling).

*While boiling the broth, you can add the meat together. After adding it, heat it until it boils.

3. You can add salt, pepper and spring onion at your preference. 

4. Soup is very thick. You can add some more water at your preference. 


Beef Bone Soup With Beef [Gomtang] (for 1) 곰탕

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