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Spicy Beef Intestine Stew [Yang-gomtang] (for 1-2)

[빅본] 소내장탕 (1-2인)

by BigBone


💬  Description


Koreans love beef intestines, it is cooked as bbq and also in stews and soups. Spicy beef intestine stew is a popular for its perfect combination of thick spicy soup and the rich taste of the beef. It is great for a full meal.


👀  About the Product

On a chilly rainy day, this spicy beef intestine stew can make your day warm. The thick spicy beef bone stew has generous beef and intestines that is carefully prepared. Try this menu at home in minutes.


🥣  Main Ingredients

Beef Intestines, Red Chili Powder, Garlic, Perilla Powder


🌶️   Medium Spicy ★★☆

❄️  Keep in a freezer

🍽   Portion for 2

⚖️  700g 

⏱  Takes 5 mins to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Open the package and pour in a pot and heat until it boils.

2. You can add vegetables to your liking.

3. If the taste is too strong, add some more water and bring it to boil. If taste is too blan, boil further. You can also season it by adding some pepper.

Beef Intestine Stew (for 1-2) 소내장탕

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