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Beef Rib Soup [Galbi-tang] (for 1-2)

[빅본푸드] 이유있는 갈비탕

by BigBone


💬  Description

Galbitang is a Korean soup made with beef short ribs. Flavorful beef short ribs are simmered for hours with other aromatic vegetables like radish, green onions, and garlic. It is known as a healthy meal in Korea that requires a lot of effort to cook. 


👀  About the Product

Galbitang is love. This dish was prepared with care and effort by choosing the best short ribs and simmered for hours with original ingredients in Korea. Have it with a bowl of white rice, and it will remind you of Korea or maybe home. 


🥣  Main Ingredients

Beef back ribs, radish, mushroom


🌶️  Not Spicy ☆☆☆

❄️  Keep in a freezer

🍽   Portion for 2

⚖️  1.2kg 

⏱  Takes 5 mins to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Open the package and put in a pot and heat until it boils.

2. You can add vegetables to your liking.

3. If the taste is too strong, add some more water and bring it to boil. If the taste is too blan, boil further. You can also season it by adding some pepper.

Beef Rib Soup [Galbi-tang] (for 1-2) 갈비탕

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