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Seared Fresh Water Eel

[조은장어] 풍천민물장어 (2인)
by Joeun Eel


👀 About the Product
Eels are known to be highly nutritious. It is especially good for increasing stamina. 
We use only the highest quality fresh water eel from Gochang province in Korea. The eels are already cleaned and seared for our customers to enjoy them more easily at home. 


🥣 Main Ingredients
Fresh Water Eel 100%


❄️ Keep in a freezer
🍽 Portion for 2
⚖️ 550g 
⏱ Takes 20 mins to cook


💡 How to Cook
1. Thaw in water or in the fridge until it becomes soft. 
2. Before grilling the eel, you can either add a bit of salt to season the eel OR you can apply the sauce on both sides of the eel.
3. Heat the pan until it becomes hot, add a little bit of oil on the pan and sear the eel from the outside first. Ensure it does not burn, and sear both sides. 
4. Cut the eel into smaller pieces and also sear the edges. 
5. Enjoy with rice or with vegetables. 


About the Brand - Joeun Eel

South west of Korea, there is an area called Gochang. This area is famous for fresh water eels. We use only the best quality eels from this area and sear them in an oven for easy cooking at home. 

Glazed Fresh Water Eel (for 2) 풍천민물장어