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Korean Assorted Blood Sausage (Sundae)
[내조국] 모듬 순대

by Naejoguk 


👀 About the Product

The assorted sundae (blood sausage) is comprised of vegetable sausage and kimchi sausage. Naejoguk brand, a famous Korean blood sausage and pork stew restaurant in south of Korea brings this menu, using only fresh Korean pork. It's all handmade, the brand especially made sure that the menu not only is delicious but also has a clean taste, by eliminating any unecessary fat and boiling the innerds in a special soup so as to rid of any pork odor 


🥣 Main Ingredients

Pork, pork innerds, kimchi, tofu, chili powder, garlic, onion, glass noodle


❄️ Keep in a freezer

⚖️ 600g

⏱ 10 minutes to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Defrost in room temperature for around 30minutes

2. Steam in a steamer for 7 minutes. (Add boiling water to a pot and put the sausages in a steamer or in a bowl so the water doesnt enter and steam for 7 minutes)


Korean Assorted Blood Sausage (for 2) 모둠 순대