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Korean Beef (Hanwoo) Intestines for Grill (300g)

마곱간 한우곱창구이 (300g)

by Magopgan


👀 About the Product

This beef intestine dish is made by a famous Korean restaurant called Magopgan located in gimhae province south of Korea. Key for a best quality grilled beef intestine dish comes from the actual quality of the beef. The brand only uses the best quality beef intestines, and it is cleaned and handled by the owner of the restaurant himself, cutting excess fat and boiling in special stew to ensure any odour is treated. Try it at home, so easy and quick and mostly delicious!


🥣 Main Ingredients

Korean beef intestine


❄️ Keep in a freezer

⚖️ 300g 

⏱ 15 minutes to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Defrost the intestines for 24 hours in the fridge. 
2. If you need to defrost quickly, defrost in water for a few hours.
3. Heat the pan over medium heat and add the intestines. 
4. Cook the intestines until it is golden brown and cut it up into smaller pieces (around 2cm)


*Tip - It tastes better if you eat with fresh chives or other vegetables. 
Dip the intestines in soy sauce before eating. 

Korean Beef (Hanwoo) Intestines for Grill (300g) 한우 곱창구이


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