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Spanish Mackerel Fillet

[생선언니] 순살 삼치
by Fish Unni


👀 About the Product
The fish fillet is flash frozen under -30 degrees celcius to maintain freshness and taste. The fillet is deboned carefully and cut into pieces for easier cooking. All our products go through lead and radiation check to ensure safety. No further cleaning is required. Enjoy the highest quality fish fillet at home. 


🥣 Main Ingredients



❄️ Keep in a freezer
🍽 Portion for 1
⚖️ 300g 


💡 How to Cook
1. Thaw the fish in the plastic package by keeping it in room temperature water for 10 minutes. (You can also try thawing by taking off the plastic, and thawing in cold milk for 10 minutes)
2. After thawing, take off the plastic cover and wipe away the moisture with kitchen towel.
3. Squeeze some lemon and add pepper. 
4. Add some oil to a pan and heat. Then grill the fish over medium to low heat until cooked. 
You can also cook with your own recipe. 


About the Brand

Fish Unni is a HACCP authorized brand from Korea. We produce only the highest quality fish products and manage strict quality control. For every fish product we produce, it goes through radiation check and lead check for safety. We handle our products with extreme care, good for family and friends including babies.

Spanish Mackerel Fillet (300g) 순살 삼치