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Original Tteokbokki

[빼미떡볶이] 오리지널 떡볶이

by Bbaemi Tteokbokki


👀 About the Product

With our highest quality 11cm rice cakes, and delicious tteokbokki sauce made of onion, leek, anchovy, and our special chili powder spicy sauce, we proudly bring you the true taste of Tteokbokki. We have also included plenty of fish cakes from Pusan, giving it the perfect umami taste. Enjoy the true taste of quality tteokbokki with Bbaemi. 


🥣 Main Ingredients

Rice cakes, flour, fish cakes, carrot, spring onion, green tea oil, onion, chili powder


❄️ Keep in a freezer

⚖️ 700g

⏱ 10 minutes to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Shake the Spicy Flavor Sauce Pack thoroughly.

2. Pour the sauce into a pot or pan and bring to a boil.

3. Add the rice cake pack in the boiling sauce. (Add tteokbokki rice cakes and the fish cake. You can also consider adding sausage, but if you add too much, the taste may change.)

4. Once all the ingredients are added, stir well for a few minutes. Make sure to stir well and boil until the rice cake is softened. 

5. Done! Bon appetite.



Original Tteokbokki (떡볶이)


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