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YeonTabal Fried Sliced Radish Kimchi Rice (250g)

연타발 깍두기양밥 (250g)

YeonTabal Fried Sliced Radish Kimchi Rice 250g (연타발 깍두기양밥)


    We make cooking so easy and quick!

    Save your time from cooking! With our products, you can enjoy your fresh and healthy meals fresh within minutes.


    Sanitized manufacturing environment.

    All our products are manufactured under strictly sanitized environments.


    No more wasted ingredients.

    Our meal kits have ingredients proportionately cut and prepared to eliminate wasted ingredients.


    No artificial preservatives.

    All our meals are deep frozen intently at -30C to ensure we preserve the freshness of the ingredients. And we do not add any preservatives.


    We only choose
    the best!

    We test each and every product to ensure their quality and taste.


    Flash frozen at -30°C to preserve freshness!

    To preserve the fresh original taste, our products are instantly frozen at -30°C as soon as they are produced. And until they reach your door, they are stored and delivered in temperature controlled environment.

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