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Korean Pork Sausage Soup (Sundae Soup)

[여수 내조국국밥] 순대국밥 / 모듬국밥

by Naejoguk


💬 Description

The star ingredient in this hearty Korean soup is sundae (Korean blood sausage). The soup is prepared with a flavorful broth that includes sliced sundae, pork meat and vegetables. 


👀 About the Product

Try this traditional sundae soup created by Naejoguk with its know-how by choosing only the best ingredients. It has been boiled with local pork bones for over 10 hours to bring its thick rich soup base, and don't forget about the blood sausage stuffed with seonji (blood), minced meats, rice, and vegetables. Is an indulgent dish for special occasions, festivities and large family gatherings. It is also a great hangover meal!


🥣 Main Ingredients

Pork blood sausage, Pork broth, Spring onion


🌶️ Not Spicy ☆☆☆ 

⌛ Best within 1 year

🚚 Delivered within 3 days

❄️ Keep in a freezer

🍽 Serving for 2

⚖️ 810g

⏱ Takes 10 mins to cook


💡 How to Cook

1. Thaw frozen broth in cold water for 20-40 minutes.

2. Boil the contents in a pot (about 3~5 minutes until boiling)

*While boiling the broth, you can add the meat and sundae together. After adding it, heat it until it boils.

3. Add salt, perilla seed powder, green onions and sauce

4. Enjoy!

Korean Pork Sausage Soup (for 1) 모둠 국밥 (순대국밥)

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